Irish Abalone

Irish Fisheries Board

Abalone Farming - in the West of Ireland

Abalone Farming in Ireland

The secret of successful aquaculture can be simply stated: clean water, good food, and a comfortable environment. We can provide all this through a combination of location and technology. We are located in an area where the ocean water is naturally pure and our abalone’s favourite seaweed (palmeria palmata and laminaria) is abundant. We use the very latest re-circulation technology to keep our animals safe and warm in a controlled environment in on-shore tanks.

Our abalone are fed locally-harvested seaweed only (no artificial substitutes or additives), and kept in pristine waters that are constantly filtered and cleaned. The seaweed branches are cut with a small blade (so the plant remains attached to its rock and can re-generate itself), or simply collected after they torn off and washed up by the frequent storms that pass over this part of the world.

As evidenced by their enthusiasm for eating, growing, and reproducing, our abalone are as happy as, well, clams - only much more substantial, and much, much tastier! In fact, abalone are the most efficient way known to nature of converting seaweed to white protein..