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Abalone Recipes

Abalone Recipe

Abalone has a delicate sweet nutty flavour; any seasoning should be used very lightly as to not overpower the flavour.

Abalone can be eaten raw sliced thin, cooked very quickly on a skillet on high to medium high heat or cooked for an hour in a liquid.

To remove the meat from the shell, lift one side of the abalone muscle so that you can see the back of the shell. Using a knife scrape the area where the muscle attaches to the shell. Once the muscle is detached from the shell, remove the gonad. This will either be dark if female or pale if a male. You may also want to remove the small head where two white mandibles will be found. This is what they use for chewing the seaweed and they are quite hard. Place the abalone meat on a hard work surface between two pieces of plastic wrap and relax the muscle by hitting with a mallet or rolling pin a couple of times. Now you are ready to cook some abalone.

Here are a few recipes:

See too our "news" section (link on left side) for a pdf file containing a collection of abalone recipes prepared by Tim O'Sullivan of Renvyle House Hotel.